About Castle Trust

We're a local company, based in Motueka, but operate around the Nelson/Tasman region and have clients around the country.

We take the approach of "treat your clients like family and you can't go wrong".  

Glyn Lewis-Jones

BA (Hons), AFA

Glyn is the old wise one. He is a financial adviser with almost 40 years’ experience.

Glyn’s financial planning career started with the National Farmers’ Union in the UK before moving on to start up his own financial planning company being qualified in the UK and the Channel Islands. He has provided advice to hundreds of individuals, families, businesses and farms over the years. Prior to that he spent several years working in the Pacific Islands. As a result of this background and investment experience, Glyn spent three years in the 90’s as the UK Government Director on the Board of the multi-million dollar Tuvalu Trust Fund.

Glyn’s role is to help clients with ‘big picture’ planning. He also gives talks on financial planning related issues around New Zealand. He is a member of Financial Advice New Zealand. Glyn is an Authorised Financial Adviser.

A people person, a lifetime golfer, a voracious reader and a firm believer in the ‘carpe diem’ principle who has worked out that if he sleeps less, keeps fit and eats properly he might stay healthy longer and then die suddenly at 90.

Kathryn Alborough


Kathryn is the young, clever one. She has completed the Massey University Graduate Diploma in Business Studies (Personal Financial Planning) – with almost straight A’s. She currently has five years experience as a financial adviser.

Before starting her career in financial planning, Kathryn spent several years working for the United Nations and other humanitarian organisations in Iraq, Kosovo, Slovakia and India. Kathryn also has a Bachelor of Science and a Masters in Development Studies.

Kathryn’s role is with detailed advice to clients and to keep Glyn up to date. She knows the ins-and-outs of the policies and products as well as relevant legislation. She is an Authorised Financial Adviser.

She is a member of Financial Advice New Zealand.

Melanie Riley

Client Support

Got a question? Ask Mel. If she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll find out and get back to you.

Mel is the go-to-person. Her role is to keep track of clients and the paperwork. She’s very often the one that will help complete application forms (she also has the neatest handwriting in the office!).

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